Is Alcohol Affecting Your Sex Life?

A common belief exists that people have the best sex when drunk, but is it really so? Read for yourself here!

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You spot a beautiful girl dancing on the floor while you sitting on the bar counter enjoying that glass of whiskey. You went to the club just to grab that one shot to get rid of the work tiredness and stress but now just to sit there and watch her is another reason to gulp down few more glasses of alcohol. Now, you gather all your courage and go to her to ask for a dance or maybe share a beer. To your surprise, she agrees and you guys end up having few beers, now the alcohol consumption has exceeded the regular mark for you. With nice music, romantic light setting and effect of alcohol, you two started feeling each other. The alcohol and sex driving you both crazy and the lust is on its peak. You end up in a room with the intention to have consented sex.

In this situation, there are few scenarios one must think about. Starting from, “Did they really want to have sex or is it the effect of alcohol? Will this sexual act be more pleasurable as compared to if they would have been sober? Is an emotional connection not needed before sex? And lastly, how will the morning after this night be? – Will they regret whatever happened last night or will they be too cool to accept and move on in life?”

Is Emotional Connection Still Needed Before Sex?

Alcohol and Sex Effects

The answers to all these questions vary from person to person. We are living in a one night, hook-up and flings age, where people are more concerned about deriving sexual pleasure more than emotional intimacy. The clubbing nights usually end up being between the sheets for most of the young lots. However, there still exists a good percentage who believes in having emotional bonding and then having sex. That’s why we said, the answers or the views regarding the above-mentioned scenarios differ for every person.

Now, let’s talk about alcohol and sex effects, is alcohol affecting your sex life or does it helps in having great sex.

Like everything has its merits and demerits, so does alcohol and sex. But yes, the amount of alcohol consumption and the way your body reacts & handles it also plays an important role.

Good Facts about Alcohol and Sex

  • Alcohol helps in feeling confident and relaxed.
  • Under the impression of alcohol, people tend to talk freely and not being shy. It makes it easier for them to approach the other gender and have a good chat.
  • Alcohol can be your resort to social awkwardness. It may calm your mind and let you enjoy and be in the moment.
  • A good chat or acquaintance and alcohol can help you have those mushy talks and discussions on all the topics which people generally don’t talk about in public, which can end up being on the bed too.
  • With a few pegs down, people feel more romantic and connected to the other gender that it makes it easy for them to have sex. 

Effects of Alcohol and Sex

  • You may end up having unconsented and unprotected sex.
  • The chances of unwanted pregnancy and transmission of disease increase when one has sex under the effect of alcohol.
  • You may regret the decision of making out the next morning or whenever the effect of alcohol will go.
  • Men can take undue advantage of women who are under the influence of alcohol. Such women can be sexually assaulted. Men can have sex with them without their consent.
  • Alcohol affects the health and people face issues in having erection or orgasms. 

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Is Alcohol Affecting Your Sex Life? – A Big Question!

To be honest, the internet is filled with numerous studies and theories about sex and alcohol. One can actually do good research work on this topic and get paid. Does alcohol hampers sex life or not is quite debatable. Some of the health experts say, beer is good as it helps in delayed ejaculation, enhanced male and female libido, increase stamina and have an intense erection. However, few of the theories and practical experiences shared by the people say alcohol has led to no or bad sex life. Have you ever heard of a term called, “whiskey penis”? Yes, it means when the soldier is just not in a mood to be on duty, all thanks to alcohol.

Too much consumption of alcohol can cause men to have erectile dysfunction. The brain and nervous system when under the effect of excessive alcohol affects the penis, sexual arousal and orgasm. Women having too much alcohol either have been observed to be way more active and demanding in bed than usual or just pass out maybe after one round or even before. The women who demand an extra level of pleasure in between the sheets after alcohol may lead to their partner into the mental hit of not being able to satisfy them and generally hitting their ego hard than the mind.

Alcohol Might Ruin Your Moment

With the influence of alcohol, at times couples don’t enjoy or indulge in foreplay which decreases sexual pleasure. Though, this rush of lust and hormones of having sex is dangerous as the couples may have unprotected sex. The internet is filled with questions from such immature people asking “what to do as we had unprotected sex last night, will I be pregnant because he ejaculated outside just at the right moment, I took the pill but I am still scared, which is the best contraceptive pill to be taken to ensure 100% no pregnancy” and god knows what all questions. Many of these questions and situations are born when people have sex after consuming a good amount of alcohol when their mind loses control.

To have a great time in bed and with someone you actually like or want to, not just with any stranger and to avoid any miss happenings, it is important to keep a check on alcohol consumption.

Does Alcohol Increase Sexual Pleasure?

Alcohol, if taken in decent quantity with the purpose of just loosen up and get rid of that shyness in front of your partner, then the act can be enjoyable. However, when you take alcohol for the sole purpose of having rough sex and perform better, it may increase the sex pressure.