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Best Sex Positions for First Timers! Hit the Bullseye on Your First Shot!

Here are some of the best sex positions for first-timers. Try these sex positions during your first sexual encounter to perform better in bed.

Best Sex Positions for First Timers! Hit the Bullseye on Your First Shot! - FoxAmour

Having your first sexual intercourse is really a big deal as you feel equally anxious as excited. It is a time when everything is new to you and you’re having a lot of pressure to give your best shot – sounds like I’m talking about some school exams but I’m not! Though the amount of stress you feel before the exam is somewhat the same here too. While having your first sexual encounter, you’ll have a lot of things and questions in mind. How will everything go? How will I perform? Will I be able to satisfy my partner? Do I need to experiment with positions? What if I couldn’t perform better? What are the best sex positions that I could try on? And, so on.

Well, to answer such questions, I would like you to know that having your first sexual experience is like a kid who is opening gifts at Christmas! Everything seems excited! And, in each box, you’ll have something new to learn or play with. Above all, having sex is a skill that, like any other activity, requires practice and constant efforts. Nobody wins big at their first shot. Besides, being a first-timer when everything is new to you, this is the best time for you to explore more and more. This is the when you shouldn’t afraid to experiment with positions, methods and techniques. As this is the only way to figure out what works for you and your partner! To help you out with this mission, I’m here with some of the positions you should try if you’re a first-timer!

Cowgirl: Let Your Partner Ride on You!


If you ask me about the best sex positions for men or women of any age group, I would always go with the Cowgirl! In the Cowgirl sex position, you lie down on the bed comfortably while your partner is sitting on you, leaning back and forth, bouncing or grinding herself on you. Cowgirl is the position, which provides you and your partner with amazing pleasure and helps achieve orgasm miraculously. You can have a bit of an experiment with this position and try the Reverse Cowgirl Position. The best part of the Cowgirl position is that your partner is controlling everything at this moment. She’s the one who controls the speed, stimulation, movement and strokes. In a nutshell, in the Cowgirl position, she’s real queen! And, your ultimate goal is to make her feel one anyway!

Face-To-Face: Let’s Hug Snugly

hug face to face

While having sex for the first time, you seek the warmth and closeness to perform better in bed. Since you haven’t had tried anything before, your sole target is to find a suitable position that reduces the nervousness and develops the intimacy between you and your partner. All you both need to do is to lie on your sides and ask your partner, the female counterpart, to wrap her legs around you, keep her hips slightly up and guide your penis inside her. Face-To-Face is one such position that not only reduces your anxiety and nervousness while you are having sex but also enhances your passion and comfort. Besides, you must remember that the face-to-face position makes you penetrate deeper than any other position.

Spooning: Cos It Never Fades


No matter if you’re having sex for the first time or have prior experience, Spooning is always an ideal position to try. Spooning position shows your affection and care for your partner and enhances the intensity in a relationship otherwise also. While having sex, lie on the bed on any of your sides and cuddle your partner from behind. Ask her to spread her top leg so you can penetrate comfortably. This position gives an amazing stimulation to G-spot, which makes sexual intercourse more intense for her. Besides, Spooning is the best position for deep penetration, flexibility and even for anal sex – if you wanna give it a shot!

Other than these three intense, passionate, comfortable, steamy and different sex poses for newbies, there are other good sex positions for beginners that will help you have a great sexual pleasure during your first intercourse. Some of the different sex positions include Doggie Style, Woman on Top and, certainly, the Missionary Position!

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These are some comfortable first-time sex positions for beginners, however, what you must take note of is that your first sexual encounter doesn’t define your sexual prowess. There will come many occasions where you’ll have sexual pleasure all again. Hence, don’t overthink about your performance and try to enjoy each and every moment out there!