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Dirty Talking, an Important Ingredient for a Healthy Relationship

A lot of couples find dirty talking is weird AF. However, once you start talking dirty to your partner without feeling awkward, you will find it a great turn on for your relationship.

how to talk dirty

Are those sex chats and dirty talks are a turn on for you and your partner? But you really don’t know how to talk dirty and how to make your partner feel the same way. You really want to have those raunchy wild talks but feel shy and awkward. You scared of sounding stupid in front of your partner. If you want to enjoy the dirty talking then you and your partner must talk about it and learn together so that you both can feel comfortable. Both must know and accept that you are learning and not a pro at it to avoid the situation of discomfort and shyness.

Conversations and chit-chat in the bedroom are always so needed. These not only help bond but increase both, physical and emotional intimacy. To spice up the sex life, the couples keep on experimenting with different sex positions, talking dirty, exploring fantasies, toys, read erotic stories, have sex chat over texting and a lot more.

To enjoy and have dirty talks, the couples must build a comfort level. Check out these tips to talk dirty without being awkward and shy. These tips can make you a pro at bedroom chit-chats.

How to Talk Dirty?

Discuss It With Your Partner

You cannot suddenly start talking wild and dirty with your partner. Make atmosphere by dropping little hints to your partner, followed by a long discussion. Tell them why and from where this idea of dirty talking came up. Let your partner know that it is a turn on for you and would like to indulge into it more often if mutually agreed. Make your partner feel at ease and give them the time to accept and digest your excitement and proposal of dirty talking. Give them all the time and let them be on the same page as you are to enjoy the dirty talking.

Build Confidence

The couples who are new to dirty talking and are in the learning phase must keep boosting each other’s confidence. Your partner may act stupid while talking dirty and inside your heart, you would like to laugh out loud but instead encourage them by telling them how much you are appreciating their efforts of learning to talk dirty. This will build their confidence and will also reduce their shyness.

Initiate Dirty Talks by Texting

Talking dirty in person, while you both are face to face or in bed may be difficult and awkward for the couples in the starting. Start with exchanging sex texts, those double-meaning texts and other hot and wild videos or quotes you come across the internet. Research for some really good stuff over the internet to make your dirty talks interesting and acceptable.

Have Sex Chats

Have sex chats while you both are away from each other, maybe at work. I know these dirty talks in the day time and at work may not be the apt idea as these may turn you on and wanting to eat each other up. But this may have its own advantage you see, the longing of being with each other can end up in great sex at night after the tiring day at work.

While having the sex chats, let each other know how you want to make them feel, be blunt and forward with your choice of wordings, remember you are into this sex chat exercise to learn dirty talking. Have frequent sex chats to reach the comfort level and that desire to be with each other, the rush of the hour and due to the effect of those sexy dirty talking, you may end up talking dirty face to face in bed.

Reciprocate to The Dirty Talks

The dirty talks will be effective only if these will be reciprocated with the same amount of fire and wilderness. Learn to talk dirty by actually talking and replying to your partner about those horny thoughts of yours. The dirty talking will be of no use if it won’t be two-sided.

Don’t Fake It

If it’s not coming from the heart then accept and communicate the same to your partner but avoid faking it. The faking of dirty talks will be very much noticeable by your partner and they may not like it. It’s always better to say it only when you feel it. Don’t just say the things to make you partner feel good or what they want to hear. It’s not some play or acting workshop that you are being part of but it’s your sexual life and bedroom stories. So, weave them and decorate them the way your heart and soul allows.

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It’s Okay If You Feel Discomfort

Females especially may experience a lot of discomforts while talking dirty and it’s really okay. Everything has its first time and with time and practice, you’ll learn dirty talking and all the tricks to stimulate your mind and body with all those sexy talks. Just give yourself and your partner time.

A lot of couples find dirty talking is weird AF. It is as weird as trying other sexual things in bed. However, once you start talking dirty to your partner without feeling awkward, you will find it a great turn on for your relationship. To make it easy for your partner to start talking dirty, you must support them or cheer them up. Once the awkwardness is gone, it’ll help you two get closer.