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Is Emotional Connection Still Needed Before Sex?

Do you still long for emotional connection in this age of hook up and one night stand, then it surely is a must read for you.

Is Emotional Connection Still Needed Before Sex? - FoxAmour

Sex is a vital need for humans, I agree. It not only stimulates the mind and body but also strengthens the emotional connection between the partners. However, the question here is does the emotional intimacy still find its place in this hookup and fling world? When you are physically attracted to someone, you don’t bother to connect with them emotionally. The reason being is you, at that moment, are more inclined towards making out with them than finding emotional solace. Sometimes, love is confused with lust!

At times, we do come across a couple who makes you and your heart shout as #couplegoals. However, what makes them the goal is, majorly, emotional intimacy. How closely they are bonded reflects in the way they talk, interact, make eye contact and even sit. Couples who are emotionally attached and are completely into each other not just make the world go “awwwww” but are also drawn to each other like magnets, making between the sheets act more pleasurable.

In various surveys and studies, it’s often been observed that an emotional connection is still very much needed before sex. If you have a physical relationship with a person you’re emotionally attached with, it is bound to work like magic. Keeping the genders aside, having an emotional bond or connect is something that every individual still craves for.

Is Emotional Connection Still Needed Before Sex?

Having an emotional connection before sex is also about trust and security. Knowing your partner will always be there for you, no matter what the circumstances are, strengthens your relationship. It is always advised that the couples should try to connect emotionally before they decide to get into the sheets. It may help them bond for the long-run.

Well, here are some of the good reasons as to why an emotional connection is still needed before sex, irrespective of the genders.

Builds Respect

Mutual respect is essential for a healthy and long-term relationship. Knowing one another on an emotional front can help couples build respect for each other. Being respectful towards each other simply means that you value your partner, you take into consideration their thoughts and feelings, you share everything with them and also give them a fair chance to participate in the decision making. It is important to let your partner know that you respect them as a person and not just as your partner. Showing respect makes the couple feel appreciated by one another and does strengthen the emotional connection.

Communication is Always the Key

Make time for each other and sit down to have amazing conversations over a cup of coffee or bottles of beer. Tell each other the unheard stories about yourself, the childhood experiences, sad and depressed moments you dealt through, the crushes and heartbreaks you had. Just try to have simple deep conversations with your partner as it will help you both create a deep magical emotional connection that can certainly end up getting all mushy and laid.

Assure Trust and Security

Due to life’s past experiences, people take due time to put their guards down as they are scared of destruction. The couples need to take small steps to build trust and security among each other. They must ensure each other that they will stand by them through thick and thin, not just in words but actions. It will help them both to have a sense of belonging within each other and build the confidence of having them around always. Trust is an important ingredient of any relationship and can do wonders while building an emotional connection.

Keep the Fun Alive

Emotionally connected couples tend to have good mood usually. They don’t shy away from having fun with each other. For instance, one partner teasing the other and this teasing game may end up having hanky-panky. Due to that fun and emotional rush, they may have a great time making love.

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Happy Sex Life

Now, who doesn’t want an active and happy sex life? Anybody releasing oxytocin now and then will seem to be having a gala time. Partners who share an emotional bond tend to have a great sex life compared to people having countless one night stands. The joy of romancing, holding each other hands, sneaking kisses in public and not leaving any moment available to keep the spark alive is all about feeding the emotions. Such couples wake up having a big grin on their faces the next morning that anyone can guess but couldn’t resist asking “So, how was it?”

PS:   Positions or additions are not the only way to spice up the sex life; an emotional soulful connection can do the wonders too. Tonight, hold your partner’s hand, embrace them in your arms, hear them out and let the sparks flew.