How Do Women Masturbate? – A Guide to Female Masturbation

Female Masturbation – Here is a guide to masturbation for women. Know how do women masturbate and check best female masturbation tips for women.

How Do Women Masturbate – A Guide to Female Masturbation - FoxAmour

Talking or doing masturbation is still not so acceptable and considered an abnormal activity, especially for women. But honestly speaking, the act of self-pleasure is very important for both, men and women. Masturbation helps you know and learn all about your body, how you experience extreme pleasure, in what manner you or your partner should touch you to feel those jitters and reach orgasm. Believe it or not, masturbation helps you improve your sex life and have orgasms. Female masturbation is still a taboo in some of the countries but is very much acceptable in western culture. Having the traditional and unacceptable threads attached to female masturbation, a lot of women are still unaware of the art of solo sex. To the rescue of all such women, here are the things you should know about women masturbation.

Guide to Female Masturbation

The internet is filled with stuff on girl masturbation – tips on how do women masturbate, best ways for women to have an orgasm, masturbation tips all women should know, the art of women masturbation and much more. What I would like to say here is that one should research and read about female masturbation over the internet but the art and way to self-pleasure must be explored personally. The tips which I am mentioning below to let the women know how to masturbate is all my own experiences and I felt like sharing it with the world to give them a reality of female masturbation.

Make time for Masturbation

Yes ladies, like any other day to day activity, you must take out time for masturbation. It is okay to masturbate often and in fact, you must. Choose the best time for having solo sex, it can be in bed before sleeping, it can be down in your shower time, it can be done while you change clothes or any other time. Give yourself time to embrace your body and love it, take a good time to explore your below belt area to understand your body well and take note of G-spot and trigger points which help you feel that rush.

Explore your body

There is nothing to be ashamed of female masturbation. Feel your vagina, rub your clit or finger yourself in various ways and angles to understand and experience extreme pleasure. A lot of women find clitoris orgasm easy and more satisfying than vaginal orgasm. Note that every vagina differs and so does the art of stimulating and reaching orgasm. Women should explore their bodies differently until the time they reach on the right angle of self-pleasure. Be slow and be in the moment, lubricate your vagina well and speed up when about to reach the climax to feel those jitters. Your whole body may shake if you would experience a great orgasm.

Find your G-spot and literally there is an art to do that. It’s really important for women to have an idea about their G-spot and should make your partner aware of it when having sex with them.

Be Slow and Try Edging

Being slow while touching yourself is the key to experiencing the best female masturbation. “Edging” simply means to back off and slow down the rush of climaxing. It’s more about teasing yourself to reach maximum pleasure and satisfaction. Touch and squeeze your breast, touch your thighs, waist, stomach and every other body part before you dug between the thighs. Make yourself wet down there but still resist yourself from touching. Slowly then touch your vagina, make some and rough strokes and slow down – don’t reach climax. Repeat for a good 3-4 times and when you really reach the uncontrollable rush, go for the final stroke and I believe you’ll experience the best orgasm.

Let yourself get wet

To experience the best of female masturbation experience and climax, it is important for your vagina to be all wet. This you can do naturally or use ‘LUBE’ to make vagina wet. The more wet your vagina will be, the more pleasurable solo sex will be. Don’t rush or keep rubbing yourself if you are not wet as it may hurt you.

Use Sex Toys

The market is full of pleasure toys – buy them if needed. Vibrators, strapons, dildos and many other sex toys can be purchased for experiencing female masturbation. Women can use sex toys for intense masturbation and to feel the raunchy side of sex.

Watch Porn or Read Erotic Stories

To set the mood right for masturbation, women can watch porn or read sex stories. The internet is filled with a variety of porn and erotic stories. However, it all depends on personal choice and preference if they want to watch porn or read sexy stuff while masturbating or not. I personally do that as I feel it helps me get into the mood and actually arouse me. You can watch your favourite kind of porn and start touching yourself down there slowly. Just start playing with yourself and you may feel the difference of masturbating while watching porn and otherwise. Make your own choice and decide for yourself. It’s all about self-love and pleasure.

Being a woman, you must understand the importance of girl masturbation. Yes, I understand that masturbating is a very personal thing, which a lot of people are not comfortable talking about. But, at the same time, you should overlook the benefits of masturbation for girls. If you want to know more about how masturbation is good for girls, you may read this article I am mentioning below!

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Keep exploring yourself, girls!