How Do Sex Toys Affect Your Relationship?

How Do Sex Toys Affect Your Relationship? - FoxAmour

Just a decade ago, even a thought of using any kind of sex toys while intimating with your partner is considered as horrifying and disgraceful. However, today, with modernization and liberal thinking, a lot of couples use sex toys to increase the pleasure and satisfaction in their sex life. Though a large number of sexually active couples are still in a dilemma of whether using sex toys affects their relationship in a good or bad way. So, I’ve decided to take up this topic and talked to some couples about the impact. While some of them find it exciting and more electrifying others feel a bit hesitant or completely evade the use of it. Based on those responses and medical researchers conducted by some sex experts and researchers, I’m listing out some pros and cons of using sex toys. So, let’s take a look at them here!

Using Sex Toys: Positive Impacts on Relationships

Learn about Yourself

Adult sex toys tend to help individuals know about their body and their sexual requirements. It helps you find out your sexual desires and cravings. Furthermore, it also helps identify stuff you don’t’ like to do in bed.

Build Confidence

Knowing about liking and disliking in bed helps you feel more confident about yourself and you will feel more poised about spending time in bed with your partner.

More Satisfaction

Sex toys not only help you explore your sexual desires but also provide complete satisfaction. Sexual satisfaction always turns into internal happiness, which makes your relationship more strong.

Orgasm More Often

Sex toys help you indulge in the self-love, which ultimately leads to reach orgasm more frequently. The more frequent you reach orgasm, the less stressed your life would be.

Safer than Actual Sex

Using sexy toys, especially vibrator sex and butt plug, are much safer than having sexual intercourse with your partner. It scraps the risks of getting pregnant or having Sexually transmitted disease (STDs). However, cleaning your sex toy properly before use is extremely important, else you may get the infection.

Control Your Sexual Needs

Using sex toys, especially if you are a woman, help you control your sexual desires. You may control the timings, speed, pressures, and whatnot. It gives you an overall sexual satisfaction on your fingertip – oops! Not exactly the finger!

Gratifying and Pleasing Intercourse

Sex toys help couples having pleasing intercourse and content the needs and desires of both men and women. Hence, it assures a great time in bed, which increases more intimation and desire to have more sexual intercourses.

Using Sex Toys: Negative Impacts on Relationships


There is a common notion among people using sex toys during sexual intercourse demonstrates that your partner is not good enough. That is the reason why many couples avoid using sex toys. However, this is completely wrong!

Fear of Replacement

Many times people, especially men, think if they regularly use sex toys to their partner during sexual intercourse, it will replace them someday. Well, that is also not true! What a penis can do, the adult sex toys can never. A penis is attached to the human body, which makes it more pleasurable and gratifying than using only sex toys. So, don’t worry, your partner won’t leave you for a vibrator!

Overly Dependent

It has often seen that people think using adult toys can make their partner to excessively rely on sex toys only. Well again, it does not happen too often. However, I won’t completely deny the fact that few people may think of it. So, it completely varies from person to person.

Infection and Contamination

Using unhygienic sex toys, especially dildo and vibrator, may lead to vaginal and other types of infections. Hence, it is strictly recommended to clean your sex toys properly before using them.

Sex Toys are for Everyone

No, sex toys are not for everyone! Sex toys are meant for only healthy and matured adults who are positive about their sexual life and pleasure. Couples using adult toys must have a great bond and understanding between them. In the absence of having a great understanding, people tend to invite more problems to their lives.


Using sex toys is completely fine and brings a lot of positive changes in peoples’ lives. That’s why, there are a lot of sex products available in the market including the sex toys for men, vibrators for women, butt plug, vibrator for men, vagina toy and hundreds of other sex tools. And, trust me, they make a fair amount of money with these products even in India as well. However, couples using sex toys must be very mature to understand each other’s emotional state and sexual desires. I wouldn’t say using sex toys will guarantee to make your sex life better, however, it certainly improves a lot of couples’ relationship.

I believe the usage of sex toys during a sexual intercourse helps boost sexual satisfaction and improves the relationship as well. It helps build an emotional, mental and physical connection between couples and makes one another feel closer and secure. Though having respect, openness and sincerity for each other are quite essential.



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