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How to Maintain Passion in Long-Distance Relationship?

Are you suffering from long-distance relationships syndrome? Check out these pointers to ensure you are on right track in keeping only the distance at and bay not BAE!

How to Maintain Passion in Long-Distance Relationship - FoxAmour

Honey, you look so fresh and good in this gorgeous yellow dress. I am dying to shower you with good morning kisses and get you late for work (wink), she reads out this mushiness loaded text on her cell phone and feels an emotional rush realizing her partner is sitting miles away. Yes, that’s how most of the love tales stuck into long-distance relationships sound like. I am sure the reasons for staying apart even after being cheekily in love with each other would be unavoidable. Hence, I’d like to share with you a few tips to keep the spark alive in your long-distance relationships.

How to Maintain Passion in Long-Distance Relationships?

Keeping the long-distance relationships alive and with all the spark is tough. The “touch” is the essence of a relationship which keeps them binding and involved in each other. However, people with a long term relationship are deprived of this togetherness, the sexual intimacy, the pleasure of holding hands and celebrating every moment with a kiss. Losing the charm in a long-distance relationship is very easy but with little extra efforts, you can turn long-distance relationships into beautiful love stories to tell your grandchildren.

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How to survive the long distance between us?

Here are a few of the key pointers that can help you keep long-distance love alive.

Keep disturbing one another with love texts

A simple text from your partner can shine your day, irrespective of how is it going otherwise. Texts can act as survival kits for long-distance lovers. Making each other feel wanted and available all the time through simple love texts. Sending a simple “miss you” text unexpectedly can make your partner feel on cloud 9 in just a few seconds. A text may be a little thing but can help keep the sparks flowing when couples are miles apart.

Have frequent Video Calls

Technology is a boon for lovers stuck in a long-distance relationship. Frequent facetime or video calls with each other may make you forget the distance between them. Seeing each other on call and not being able to touch may feel awful but then these long calls can help you keep the dots connected.

Share Daily Routine Pics

This is the age of “selfies” and these can keep the long-distance relationships going. Couples can keep sharing their daily routine by sending selfies and other pictures now and then. Seeing these pics may make you miss them a little more and pulling them out from the pics to plant a kiss. But, these will also reinstate the trust in each other, making them feel that they are never away and the souls tied to each other.

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Communicate well

It usually gets difficult to understand the tone and gesture of your partner over calls. Couples who are in long-distance relationships must be patient while holding conversations. They must try to understand the intent of their partner and focus more on it instead of how it is said, though we agree when you are in love, “the how” usually replaces the “intent” but that’s what you need to do to reinstate the spark and get your long term relationship commitment going.

Enjoy Sexual Intimacy on calls

The lonely nights while being in a distance love are, sometimes, killing. Couples longing to share the sheets must pick up their phones and just dial that one right number. You can begin with letting each other know how valuable they and this relationship is to them, how their absence disturbs them, how the things could be if the distance wouldn’t be there and slowly build the atmosphere of indulging into those sexual intimacy talks. Be vocal about each other’s body and the things you would love to do to them, exchange sweet nothings while you hustle hard to keep the long-distance love alive and working.

Plan activities together

Yes, it may sound bizarre for couples involved in a long-distance relationship but it is possible. You both might be staying miles apart but can still stay connected and make each other feel the same too. For instance, you can sign up for a gym membership in your respective places and keep sharing your everyday workout and diet pics or videos. And, when you will see each other in a few days, both will be glad and happy to see the new you. This may even bring back or increase the physical attraction or equation between the couple that can help them have an improved sex life. Couples can think of more such activities which are of common interest to make their long-distance love and companionship exciting and lasting.