For How Long Should You Last in Bed to Satisfy a Woman? Let’s Hear the Experts!

Lasting long in bed is an art that requires many factors to contribute effectively. Know how much time should you last in bed to satisfy a woman.

For How Long Should You Last in Bed to Satisfy a Woman Let’s Hear the Experts! - FoxAmour

Suppose, after a hectic day, weeks or even months, you finally get your lucky chance to have a blast tonight! You’re all prepared to get nasty and took her to bed. As soon as you’re ready to nail the hammer, you outburst – not the emotions lol! What an embarrassing moment that would be for you? What a nightmare, yeah? Well, if you have figured out how to last longer during sex, you’re a true warrior. Why I’m saying this? Well, today, unfortunately, a fair number of men, of all ages, find it difficult to last longer in bed. Consequently, they are deprived of having the pleasure of their sex life. Lasting long in bed is an art that requires many factors to contribute effectively.

Sex stamina and your control over your ejaculation are among the two major skills you must have in order to get the best out of you. The key for any relationship to work efficiently is to have sexual satisfaction for both the partners. Not being able to last longer in bed is among the nightmares that haunt you often. Sadly, a great number of men suffer from this highly prevalent sexual dysfunction called Premature Ejaculation.

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Premature Ejaculation is the condition where you are not able to last longer in bed. This causes you to get your orgasm earlier than it should be. Consequently, your partner won’t get the sexual satisfaction she deserves. Thus, it triggers anxiety and depression that causes the relationships to fall apart. If you’re also suffering from premature ejaculation and want to have a satisfactory sexual encounter, it is quite essential for you to hold your erection even after ejaculation. It takes a couple of minutes to get an erection again once you ejaculated. Youngsters and healthy adults take less time to get erected again as compared to men with old-age and physically unfit. Hence, it is important to control your ejaculation to satisfy a woman in bed as the time you take to regain your erection will give you negative marks for your performance in bed.

So now the question is, for how long should you last in bed? Well, I’d say there isn’t a certain answer to this question as it depends on various factors and varies from person to person. Some of the common criteria that define the duration of successful sexual intercourse include your personal penchants and desires, your sex stamina and your partner’s needs to take time to have an orgasm and so on.

The Secrets to Last Longer in Bed: Revealed!!!

Most sexologists and sex therapist, however, came to an understanding that it should take at least 20 minutes for a man to have an orgasm. Lasting in bed for at least 20 minutes will give you and your partner a complete satisfaction, provided that you both indulge in the sexual encounter intensely. The thing to take a note of here is that it doesn’t mean having a quick sexual encounter for 5-6 minutes won’t do any good! However, for consistent sexual encounters, it is essential to last in bed for at least 20 minutes to have a sex life full of pleasures!