10 Weirdest and Wackiest Facts About Your Peepee That Are Hard To Believe

In this article, you will get to know 10 odd, weird, wacky, strange and unbelievable facts about your peepee that will surely blow your goddamn mind!

Yes, we all know what a ‘ding dong’ looks like and what it is for! Though a lot of us, even men, aren’t fully aware of the facts, or should I say features, your meat sword carries! So, brace yourself because today, I’m going to tell you some weirdest and wackiest facts about peepee that I’m sure you didn’t know about earlier! So, why don’t we start this article with the world’s luckiest peepee?

The Luckiest Wiener!

Lucky Penis

Yes, the luckiest one! It is known that the ‘donger’ who enjoyed the most number of intercourses in history was of the King Fatefehi of Tonga! He had, reportedly, had intercourse with as many as 37,800 virgin girls during the years of 1770 to 1784, which makes the count to 7 virgin girls a day! King Fatefehi of Tonga, truly a ‘Lucky Bastard’!

Are You The One?

blowjob lollipop seductive girl

One in every 400 guys is actually flexible enough to give himself a blowjob! Well, you read it right! So, give it shot and see if you’re that 400th guy! 😉

Grower and Show-er!

Different Penises banana love

We have two types of ‘dipsticks’ in this world i.e. Grower and Show-er! Grower is the kind when your peepee expands while erected whereas Show-er is the type when your peepee appears big normally and doesn’t lengthen while you get a boner. Almost 79% of all guys have Grower peepee while only 21% guys have the Show-er, says the international men’s health survey. So, what type of ‘dagger’ do you have, a Grower or a Show-er?

Know the Difference!

Male Orgasm Men boy

There’s a difference between the orgasm and ejaculation! Ejaculation is the physical process that releases the semen from your body whereas orgasm is the climax of sexual excitement, which is a function of your brain, and not the body. Well, that’s new to you, isn’t it?

Smoking Doesn’t Just Kill!

small penis size inch

Smoking may shrink your peepee size by at least one centimetre! Yes, that’s true! Smoking calcifies your blood vessels, which slows down the circulation of blood requires for an erection. So, next time when you light a cigarette, you better take a glimpse inside your boxers!

That’s Too Much for a Day!

Always Boner erection penis awkward

An average man gets a boner as many as 11 times during the period of 24 hours. Now, I wonder how well the King Fatefehi of Tonga used his erections during those days!

Isn’t It a Bonus? LOL!

Double Banana penis banana

There is a condition called Diphallus, which makes the baby boys born with two peepees! Yes, two fully grown peepees! Though only one of them actually works. Yet, it’s a quite bizarre thing to have, isn’t it?

Handle It With Care!

Broken dick smoking sex penis

Your ‘disco stick’ can break! Despite the fact that there’s no bone in your peepee, you can have a penile fracture. Though it’s nothing like breaking your ankle or the forearm. It’s more of a balloon filled with blood. When your peepee breaks, you lose the erection straightaway and the circulation of blood stays under the skin instead of going in your veins and arteries!

Wait! What???

surprised kid child baby cute

You probably won’t believe it but baby boys can get an erection even before they are born. Yes, right inside the womb! Many times, baby boys are born with an erection too. Though there’s no specific reason why it happens, one thing that’s clear is that you got your first erection long before you think you did!


surprised girl shocked shy excited

It’s not just babies, even corps can get a boner too! No, I’m not kidding guys! Dead men can really have an erection and it is called the “Angel Lust”. After the death of a man, his heart stops pumping. Hence, gravity is the only way with which the blood can circulate to the peepee, which creates an erection. Though it only happens when the person dies the upside down (face-down) and his body remains in the same position. So yes, you may DIE-HARD!

Here, I’ve tried to cover the most interesting facts about Peepees that are very hard to believe. Though I would love to see your reactions and feedback on this piece of article! So, tell me how you liked this post and also let me know of the facts that I missed in this post!

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Written by Neil Kimmberly


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