Myths, Facts and Cautions While Having Sex During Pregnancy!

There are few misconceptions about pregnant women sex, which often haunts the couple. Let us find out what these misconceptions are and how to overcome them!

Myths, Facts and Cautions While Having Sex During Pregnancy! - FoxAmour

Getting pregnant is among the most wonderful feelings in the world, isn’t it? Carrying a new life in your womb and feeling the amazing changes happening to your baby with each passing day is just miraculous. However, pregnancy carries a lot of physical, emotional, and hormonal changes, which sometimes cause mood swings rapidly. A couple expecting a baby for the first time goes through several fears, doubts and dilemmas, especially about having sex during pregnancy. There are few misconceptions about pregnant women sex, which often haunts the couple. Let us find out what these misconceptions are and how to overcome them!

Myth 1: Having Sex During pregnancy Hurts the Baby!

Fact: Guess what? This is the most common myth that stops people from having sex during pregnancy. Though, it isn’t all true! You must know your wonderful vagina has a capacity to stretch during the sexual intercourse, which unsurprisingly forms a gap to stop reaching your partner to deep down to your cervix. Besides, your baby is very well-protected inside behind the cervix and is covered with a thick mucus plug that the baby safe.

Caution: Having sex while pregnant is all safe unless you’re having an unexplained vaginal bleeding, cervical inadequacy, placenta praevia, pre-term labour or any other major complication.

Myth 2: Pregnant Women Sex Leads to Pre-Term Labour!

Fact: I’m not denying the fact that pregnant sex may cause you pre-term labour. That may happen as the semen contains the hormone called prostaglandin, which may cause some contractions. A synthetic and heavy dose of the same hormone is used to induce pregnancy in the hospital setting. However, the semen doesn’t have that high quantity of the prostaglandin hormone. Else, having intercourse during pregnancy would absolutely be unsafe and doctors would advise all the pregnant couples to stop having sex during the entire span of the pregnancy.

Caution: Since the prostaglandin hormone contained in the semen may cause pre-term labour, you can have safe sex using condoms during intercourse. However, be cautious as the stimulating nipples for a long time may also discharge the oxytocin that may cause contractions.

Myth 3: Say No to Vibrators?

Fact: Relax ladies! This isn’t all true! This is a common question that comes to the mind of many pregnant women but they are afraid or embarrassed to ask. Thus, it creates a lot of dilemma and misperceptions on whether to stop using vibrators during the phase of the pregnancy. Well, to burst this myth, I would say it is absolutely safe to use vibrators or your other sex toys while you’re pregnant. It won’t hurt the baby as your baby is safe inside the amniotic sac.

Caution: There are a lot of women using vibrators, so don’t be embarrassed! You’re not alone! Using vibrators is safe when you’re having a healthy and low-risk pregnancy. In case of having any pregnancy complications, it is advisable to avoid using such sex toys. Moreover, it is essential to wash your vibrator properly and keep it clean before using, whether or not you’re pregnant.

Myth 4: Your baby inside the womb will know if you’re having sex!

Fact: Well, a lot of time this feeling of having your baby present in the womb while having sex turn loads of couples off. This is true that your baby can neurologically feel if you’re having sex. However, do you remember your parents having sex when you were in there in your mom’s womb? Absolutely not, right? Well, neither will your baby. Obviously, the baby can feel the movements and sounds in the utero, though, s/he won’t be able to understand what’s happening there! So trust me, your baby won’t figure out if you’re MOANING HARD or HAVING A KINKY BONDAGE SEX!

Caution: Don’t feel guilty thinking about your baby too much after or while having sex as you’re not going to harm your baby psychologically, physically or emotionally.

Myth 5: You Have to Stop Oral Sex During Pregnancy!

Fact: No, I’m not making it up! A lot of couples, especially women, have this misconception that having oral sex during pregnancy is harmful to the baby. Well, to break the mould, I would say it is absolutely safe to have oral sex while you’re pregnant. Even a lot of time, having sex becomes a bit uncomfortable during pregnancy and oral sex proves to be the best way to enjoy the pleasure!

Caution: While having oral sex during pregnancy, always keep in mind that licking and kissing the genital area is completely fine, however, NEVER let me blow air to directly into your vagina. Blowing air into the vagina may cause the blockage in the blood vessel. But, to be frank, who does that, right?

Apart from these, there are some other myths that affect your sex life during pregnancy. So, have a look at these misconceptions and educate yourself why you don’t believe them!

FAQs: Myths and Misconceptions about Sex During Pregnancy

Question 1: Can I have sex in any positions during pregnancy?

Answer: No, there are certain positions that may affect your foetus. Therefore, try positions that don’t make you uncomfortable and you can control the penetration as well. Some of the best position include spooning, side saddle, you on top, doggy style, scissors, the edge of the bed, against the wall, and reverse cowgirl etc.

Question 2: Does bleeding after sex normal?

Answer: Cramping during sexual intercourse is fine, but you have excessive vaginal bleeding during or after sex, I would advise you to consult the doctor immediately.

Question 3: Can sex lead to any vaginal infection or harm your baby?

Answer: In case you or your partner is not having any kind of Sexually Transmitted Infections (SITs), you don’t need to be worried about it. However, it is debatable if the infection may harm your baby. I would advise you to always maintain proper hygiene and use condoms while having sex.

Question 4: Is it safe for all women to have sex during pregnancy?

Answer: Well, unfortunately, I would say no! A lot of pregnant women are concerned about their sex life during pregnancy and ask is sex safe during pregnancy? However, to answer such questions about if sex during pregnancy is safe or not, I would say that not all women have the same experience while having sexual intercourse during pregnancy. Women with low-risk and healthy pregnancy have all the pleasure to have sex while being pregnant. On the contrary, Pregnant sex is not safe if:

You are pregnant with twins or triplets.

  1. You have had any miscarriage in the past.
  2. You have Placenta Previa.
  3. If you have had a premature baby.
  4. If you have SITs or any other infections etc.

I tried to cover as many myths and misconceptions as pregnant women have. In case you have anything else in mind, please comment below and let me know!



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