Questions About Sex That Every Woman Wants To Ask

Always wished someone could answer to those unasked questions about sex? You wish and here it is.

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Well, just like men, women have all the right to talk and discuss sex and pleasure. But, we don’t usually see this happening that often. Since women don’t get to talk a lot about sex, a lot of questions about sex and doubts keep bugging them which they want to have clarity about but fail to do so. Through this post, we are discussing some of the questions about sex that every woman want to ask and always wish someone could guide them correctly. These are some of the issues which I have faced myself as a woman and would like not others to face. Also, all your suggestions and questions about sex are more than welcome, girls. Feel free to comment below and be a part of this discussion. Don’t shy away if you have any doubt or question about sex. Know that it’s really okay for women to talk about SEX, shun the taboo or worries and shoot your queries now!

Questions About Sex  Every Woman Wants To Ask

Question 1 – I had unprotected sex. Yes I know I shouldn’t have gone this road but it just happened and now I am freaking. What if I’ll get pregnant or will have AIDS?

Answer – Ha Ha Ha, don’t you worry, gal, you’re not any exception. We all have gone through this at any point of life. I understand the rush of the hour and that urge of just being in that moment and forgetting all which also includes taking precautions. Now, the practical and logical approach says you should never ignore the contraception but then heart overtakes sometimes and it’s really okay. Now, since you have had unprotected sex, the first thing you need to do is take birth control pills asap, not later than 48 hours as they won’t be of any use then. But in case 48 hours are over and you still haven’t done anything about it then I would like to say that this is the second mistake you have made, first being having sex without protection.

Girls, you need to stop playing around and taking unprotected sex so casual. For men, it won’t be of that much problem but for you, it sure can. Also, note that having birth control pill after sex may give you a headache, dizzy feel, motion sickness and other symptoms just like you have in pregnancy so don’t freak out. There are all the effects of the pill and you may feel fine in a day or two.

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Check your period cycle to have an idea about fertile and infertile days to analyse your chances of pregnancy. Always and always have protected and safe sex. Use condoms, be on birth control or adopt other contraceptive measures to stay safe and not be sorry.

Question 2 – I start off excited and aroused when I’m having sex with my husband, but then lose interest while in the act. I want us to feel good and to ‘finish’ but instead, I feel awkward and guilty thinking what is wrong with me. Why does this happen? Is it normal? I feel I am not doing justice to my husband.”

Answer – It’s all normal and nothing is wrong with you. The reason for losing interest could be the way how he makes you feel in the moment, how he touches you and maybe he is missing your turn on points. Knowing your body and communicating your wants, needs and desires are must for having satisfied and staying active in the act. Question yourself, are you really communicating it to your partner as to how he should touch and what really keeps you in the act. If not, discuss it with him and you may feel it all the next time you guys get between the sheets.

You don’t have any sexual dysfunction if you lose interest and surely there is no need to feel guilty about anything. You are human and I know women feel an extra ounce of responsibility of keeping him happy in bed but that is not how you should think. It should be all about equality and let your man feel about this responsibility too. Let him have it on him to pleasure you girls!

Question 3 – “I often cry and feel all emotional after having sex. My partner though hardly feels this way, what is wrong with me? Is it because I am a woman so I feel more emotional?”

Answer – Honestly, being emotional has nothing to do with gender. It is absolutely normal to cry after having great sex. You can hug him and cry hard, tell him all you feel and it may help you two bond well. Sex can trigger a range of intense emotions, from euphoria to sadness to anger. Besides, the physiological experience of orgasm releases neurochemicals, such as oxytocin, dopamine and norepinephrine, in the female brain which lead to the display of these unexpected and powerful emotions. Feel proud of what and how you behave and feel after sex. Also, let your partner accept this side of yours and be aware of it. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

Question 4 – I bleed a little after having sex. It freaks me out and I haven’t really heard about it from any of my friends. Am I the only one to whom this happens? Is something really wrong with me?”

Answer – There is no need to worry about it. The medical science is so progressive and we have really good doctors to talk about it. Sometimes bleeding after sex turns out to be nothing but natural. Occasionally, women, especially teenage women or pregnant women, notice light bleeding after sex, which is due to normal developmental changes of the cervix. Still, it’s better to consult a doctor and you should not feel shy about it. This may or may not be a serious issue but to know that it isn’t serious is really important. The bleeding can also happen due to an infection which needs to be catered immediately. So, I suggest if bleeding happens continuously or for like two times in a row after you have sex, it should be your time to see the doctor.

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Question 5 – I feel pain in my vagina and like period cramps after the intercourse. Does it happens to every woman or am I the exception?”

Answer – You are not really an exception. A lot of women feel the cramps after intercourse and it’s all normal. The pain can occur if your vagina has been jarred roughly with penis, fingers or a sex toy. So, if you have had raunchy or hardcore sex then it’s all normal to feel the after-effects of a great time in bed. But in case, if you haven’t had the rough intercourse and still feel the pain, it’s best to see your doctor to rule out any underlying health conditions and infections.

Question 6 – I fart during the act. Yes, it gets embarrassing and I am ashamed of it. Because of this, I think a thousand times to get into bed with someone. Why does it always happen to me?”

Answer – I can understand it can be embarrassing and honestly telling you, this has happened to me too. But then we are human and the passing of gas is normal. This happens to a lot of women as the female reproductive organs—the uterus, ovaries and vagina are located in very close proximity to the colon, the largest portion of the gastrointestinal tract. During intercourse, any movement of these organs can also provoke the movement of the colon, which leads to the passing of gas. It sure is embarrassing but it’s great to know that we’re all in the same boat.

Question 7 – “I feel I have an ugly vagina and what if it won’t interest him?”

Answer – Nonsense! The internet not always talk sense you see. There is nothing called the beautiful, ugly, normal or abnormal vagina. Every woman’s vagina is unique, in shape, size and colour. Embrace it just like any other body part. Be comfortable and secure with your own body! You are beautiful!

Question 8 – My partner is way too much interested in oral sex but I don’t feel that way. I don’t feel the pleasure in receiving nor giving but I have heard that like him, the majority of people love it. Even women love oral sex then why not me? What can I do to build a liking towards oral sex?”

Answer – I agree, the majority of people love oral sex but then it really doesn’t mean everyone should like it. Every human has their own sexual preference, likes and dislikes. But yes, if your partner is really into it, you must talk about it to him, let him know why you don’t like it and how is it not pleasurable for you. There may be chances that you guys are not properly doing it or making it feel each other that way. A lot of women have preconceived ideas about oral sex like it’s dirty down there and who does that and why do people do that. Not having an interest or not enjoying it may happen due to such notions running into your mind. Sex becomes pleasurable when there is consensus between the body and mind. So, figure out for yourself and discuss it with your partner and you may develop a liking for oral sex. And if you not at all like it in the end, then it’s really normal, there is nothing to worry about.

So, these were some of the most asked and searched questions about sex on the internet. We tried to answer all of them with honesty and our experience. You can read more articles on FoxAmour created solely focused on answering general questions about sex that women and men often want to ask but couldn’t.

Hey ladies, drop in your doubts and questions about sex in the comments below. I shall answer them soon!