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10 Qualities Most Women Desire Their Man to Hold

Here are 10 qualities most women desire their man to hold. So, if you’re among those men who are always confused to figure out what are those things, you better grab a pen and paper!

10 Qualities Most Women Desire Their Man to Hold

Love is blind, they say! Though that’s in the later stages of a relationship. At first, there are certain qualities that you look forward to having in your partner. And, if you’re a woman, this list of qualities, somewhat, becomes overlong – no offence, ladies! While people have their own preferences, expectations and inclinations, there are certain qualities that most women desire in a man. Despite having tons of dedicated books, essays, poems, guidelines and romantic novels, men don’t seem to have made much progress when it comes to unravelling the mystery behind women’s desires and needs. Hence, this blog post is for all those men who are always confused to figure out what are the qualities that women desire their man to hold. So, guys, you better grab a pen and paper before moving forward!

Kindness and Generosity

A man with a warm heart and kind actions blooms up the heart of every woman, no matter if she’s dating him or not. The virtues of kindness and generosity in men give women a sense that she will be treated with the utmost love and care as she desires to be.


Another quality that women desire their men to have is passion. Being passionate and ardent about his beliefs and life goals gives women the sense of a secured future. This shows women that their man is willing to work for a reciprocal growth of them, as individuals as well as couples.


Being confident always makes you a better person and helps you win half of the battle. And, when it comes to relationships, this quality gives you some brownie points for sure. A confident man always looks more attractive than others who struggle in front of their women.

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Positive Attitude

Always remember, a man with a positive and intellectual persona never disappoints. Having a positive attitude is required at many different levels of life. A woman seeks a man with a positive attitude to deal with different situations and scenarios.


Now, who doesn’t want a faithful partner? Every woman desires their partners to be faithful and loyal so that they can rely on the love of their lives in times of difficulty. Women want (and should) ensure that their partners are truthful to them.


Stability is another quality that women often seek in their partners. Every relationship goes through its fair share of ups and downs. It is the stability and trust for each other that makes the relationship stays ‘forever’.


By ‘honourable’, I didn’t ask you to picture a heroic soldier who fights for his country. No, don’t imagine that. Rather, an honourable person is someone people respect and admire. A person who is always honest and true to himself and others. This quality attracts a lot of women and hence, a lot of guys pretend to be honourable, thus, end up ruining their image permanently.

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Dependability and Commitment

Dependability and Commitment are the foundation, and perhaps the most important factors of any long-term relationship. Every woman desires a man who she can trust and count on. He shouldn’t be afraid of commitment. Well, I understand that – in all fairness – we can’t always fulfil all the promises we envisioned to at the beginning of the relationship. Still, it’s about being honest with yourself and your partner about the situations and circumstances.


Having a good sense of humour that makes her laugh in this stressful world is a must. It is one such quality that not only lightens the mood at times of difficulties but also strengthens the bond couples share. Believe me or not but this quality makes her woman fall for you even more.

Being a Listener

Well, being a good listener is one trait that women NEED to have in their partners. According to a large percentage of women, it makes them feel safe and secure when their partner is there to listen to them.

And, if we missed some of the qualities that, according to you, men must have in order to have a decent relationship, do tell us in the comments below!

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12 Ridiculous Reasons for Breakups! Number 9 Gave Me Cancer!

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