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How To Make Your Sex Life Better After Having Children?

Let’s find out how you should revive your relationship and sex life after being a parent before it ruins your relationship.

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A new mom explores the most beautiful, wonderful, brilliant and the terrible first-time realities of the motherhood. Certainly, it is one of the most amazing phases of a woman’s life, but it comes with certain snags. While taking care of the newly born or your children for that matter, woefully, sex never comes on top of your priority list.

It is important to protect your sex life from falling by the wayside of a busy family life before it ruins your relationship. Sometimes you might feel that you’ve reached a point where spending quality time with your partner seems difficult once you become a parent. However, taking care of your children, feeding them, coordinating with the sleeping patterns etc take precedence over sexual pleasure at this point in time. Besides, having sex after pregnancy for the first time might seem daunting both mentally and physically. Thus, sex becomes recurrent due to multiple reasons. So, let’s find out how you should revive your relationship and sex life after being a parent.

Find Some Quality Time Together

While you’re being too much occupied with your children’s lives, taking care of your partner might seem to be a difficult task.  Having said that, the more time you have away from your children or have more privacy, the better the sex life you will have. Besides, it is necessary to take a break and look back at your relationship amid all the responsibilities. Undoubtedly, spending quality time with your partner while your children crying for attention is really a big deal, right? To tackle this, you can even go for a babysitter because you know, children’s tantrums never end and still, you have to take care of them anyhow.

The Need to Build a Strong Relationship

Having and maintaining a strong relationship with your partner is as important as taking care of your children. Parents with a healthy relationship improve a child’s growth in several ways. So, strengthening your relationship with your partner isn’t selfish at all since it benefits the whole family. Even if you’re busy taking care of the child, sharing what’s going on in your mind with your partner will help you lead a long way as communication is one of the vital keys that help you keep up the warmth of any relationship. No doubt, the more you share, the purer relationship gets.

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Think About Sex in a Different Way

Having sex with your partner doesn’t have to mean you are having just penetrative sex. Think about rekindling your sexual life in a different way; try touching, cuddling, holding and kissing each other because it’s important to feel emotionally and physically connected with your partner at this juncture of your life. Emotional support from your partner means a lot of post-delivery.

Talk About Something Other Than Kids

To revive your sex life, you should stick to your partner with the same enthusiasm and passion you once had during the initial days of your relationship. Rather than being just a parent who talks about their children all the time like everyone else, you must focus on how you can enhance your sex life with some pinch of romance. Of course, there are a lot of things to talk about your children but surely, it’s not the only thing left in the universe to talk about. Loving each other is the ultimate goal of any relationship and if you aren’t giving or getting enough time as you expected from your partner, shoot it out! Figure out a way to bridge the gap between you and your significant other.

That sweet charming and adorable smile on your baby’s face is definitely the most beautiful moment that makes you feel complete as a parent. However, maintaining the bond between partners after having children might seem a rollercoaster ride to you. But it is up to you to manage the time between both children and your partner and make the ride most amusing and worth the time!

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Written by Taylor Adams

Taylor is a sexual health blogger and relationship educator. She helps individuals understand the theory of lovemaking and helps improve the intimacy between couples. At Foxamour, she provides readers with tips to nurture their relationships and strengthens their chemistry with their partners.

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