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7 Things Girls Expect From Their Boyfriends! Know Your Girlfriend!

Let’s sneak peek into these 7 expectations of girls you, as a boyfriend, should definitely take a note of.

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Having a boyfriend who treats her like a princess is every girl’s dream when she’s in her teenage or even beyond. Everything seems miraculous when two individuals get into a relationship. Non-stop talks, sharing laughs, spending time together, flirting, late night chats and what not! Every moment spent together is special for newbies! Whether you have to travel all the way from one corner of a city to another, skip your studies for the upcoming exams, visit your girl in odd hours or plan something incredible for her birthday, you make every efforts to make each and every moment special.

However, as time passes, a lot of couples, mostly girls, start to miss the spark that used to be there in their relationship. Many girls whine about missing that special feeling and treatment they used to get from their boyfriends. So, what your girlfriend is missing exactly? Are you lacking something? Have you changed? What are the things your girl expect from you?

Well, I spoke to many girls about those missing “Things” in their relationship that disturb them often. To my surprise, it’s not tons of things a girl expects from her boyfriend. Though I’ve got a few for sure. And no, money isn’t among them – at least they weren’t vocal about it, lol! (No Offense). After talking to at least 25-30 girls of different age groups, regions, education etc., I’ve shortlisted these 7 things that girls expect from their boyfriends primarily. Let’s sneak peek into these 7 expectations of girls you, as a boyfriend, should definitely take a note of.

The Same Bond As You Used To Share!

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Every relationship starts with a friendship that grows with time and finally turns into a relationship, right? Every girl decides to be in a relationship with a guy only if she gets such a friendly vibe from him. However, when the couples get into the relationship they start to lose that bond they used to share while they were friends. And, that’s the thing that bothers the girls a lot. After getting into the relationship many relationships miss that “Friendship Bond”, which was once the base of their togetherness.

Hey! You’re So Beautiful!

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Once you get into the relationship, saying “I Love You” might excite a girl for a limited time period, however, complimenting her looks is what she rather expects. Every girl is beautiful in her own way. All she needs is a person who constantly reminds her about how gorgeous she is. And, when this compliment comes from the love of her life, it makes them feel like no less than a princess! So, compliment her every so often and make them realise how much you’re into her.

Surprises Never Go Out of Style!

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Now, who doesn’t like surprises, right? And, what’s more exciting than getting surprises from your loved ones – especially boyfriends/ girlfriends. You go and ask tons of girls – or even thousands – all of them will agree to the fact they love to get surprises more than anything! Besides, it is a nice way to keep the spark alive in any relationship.

Be Loyal to What You Craved!

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No matter if you’re a boy or a girl, getting into a relationship is always a huge decision for everyone. Because when you choose someone as your partner, you analyse a lot of things – usually – from their nature, compatibility, bond, and maturity etc. You always have certain criteria by which you judge, compare or evaluate people before getting into a relationship. If someone satisfies all the criteria, that means he or she is the one you want to be with, right? So, if you found the one you want to spend your life with, then why is there a need to be disloyal to your partner? Remember, loyalty is the base of any relationship! If you can’t be loyal to someone, you shouldn’t go ahead with your relationship ever!

A Real Man Isn’t Afraid of Commitment!

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There comes a time in every relationship when your girl wants a commitment from you and vice-versa. And trust me, this is the time when she gets to know if her boyfriend is worth it or not! When you spend a good amount of time together as a couple, you’d want to turn your relationship into a lifetime commitment. Otherwise also, if a girl chooses you to be her life partner, she’d want to have a secure future. She’d want you to give her a firm commitment so she can take a step ahead.

Support Her Even When It’s Hard To!

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When a girl chooses you as her life partner, you become a home for her; a person who she always count on. No matter what the circumstances are if she knows you’re there to support her, she can face any fear that comes in her way. All she needs from you is to back her, especially in her darkest hours! Being supportive to your girlfriend not only strengthens your relationship but also ensures her that there’s no one better than you for her! After all, who doesn’t want a tag of the best boyfriend in the world, right?

Try to follow these things and you’ll see the spark in your relationship will re-ignite! Today, many relationships fail to grow just because the couples don’t realise that these little things make a huge impact on a relationship. You must understand that finding someone special doesn’t mean that all the hard work and efforts you made in the initial days of your relationship are paid off. What you must take a note of is that being in a relationship is not like hitting a jackpot where you collect all the money and disappear for months. It’s an ongoing process that requires the same amount of affection, love and bond for the later part of the relationship as well.


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Written by Taylor Adams

Taylor is a sexual health blogger and relationship educator. She helps individuals understand the theory of lovemaking and helps improve the intimacy between couples. At Foxamour, she provides readers with tips to nurture their relationships and strengthens their chemistry with their partners.

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