Why Do Most Women Choose to Stay in a Toxic Relationship?

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Why Do Most Women Choose to Stay in a Toxic Relationship?

We often come across with a lot of such scenarios where quite a large number of women admit that they should have pulled themselves out from their toxic relationship but they couldn’t. In most of the cases, they confess their mistake of being in such a relationship in the first place. Do you wonder why that happens every so often? Well, a lot of people come up with different theories to define this. Some say women shouldn’t be blind to see such relationships horrors, they should have known their partners well, they should haven’t been oppressed in a first place etc.

All in all, it’s always women’s fault! Well, I agree that sometimes, it might be the case. However, there are a lot many other whys and wherefores that might influence their decision to stay in an unhealthy relationship. So, let’s try to understand the psyche of such women who keep going with their wrong relationship and comprehend why most women choose to stay in a toxic relationship?

A Complicated History

As they say, “Just because you have history With Someone… doesn’t mean you’re meant to share a future together.” A lot of relationships are based on a complicated history that continues to impact the couples for long and makes it difficult for them to detach themselves. I respect the prolonged relationship and moments that couples shared together, however; this shouldn’t ever be the reason to stay in a toxic relationship!

A Sense of Dependency

No matter how strong we pretend to be independent, at some point, we need that care and sense of security. And, some women find themselves lost in the absence of their partners. They often think it’s hellish to live without their loved ones and becomes the reason for staying in a toxic relationship.

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He’s a Different Person Now

Well, ladies, I’m sorry to break it to you but it’s a myth – mostly. A lot of times, women believe that their partner has genuinely changed and admitted his past mistakes. It happens in many cases though. But not all the women are lucky enough to get a truthful partner who not only accepts his faults but also makes effort to not repeat his blunders.

Let’s NOT Play the Blame Game

Some women always ignore the warning signs of their relationships and constantly put the blame of their partner’s wrongdoings on other things and scenarios. Covering up for their partner’s unfaithful or mischievous acts doesn’t help but gives them an indication that you’re pretty ignorant about such things.

Single Life isn’t Meant for Me

It’s weird that some women find it so difficult to lead a single life again, and that often happens after being in a long or serious relationship. The thought of being single scares some women so badly that they find it comfortable to stay in a toxic relationship.

My Stand on This Issue

My final thought on this complicated issue would be to make women aware of their strength and worth. No women should ever think of themselves being dependent on their partner while being in a relationship. There come many times when women feel the need for their partner and crave to be wanted or long for a connection. But remember, that shouldn’t necessarily put you in such a situation where you feel so vulnerable you end up being in a wrong relationship. You should always believe in yourself more than anyone. You should know that there’s no one better than yourself who can actually hold your shit together. Above all, you must understand that being in a relationship is one part of your life that is meant to soothe your soul when everything else feels awful.

So, never ignore those little warning signs that tell you’re in a wrong relationship. And, if you’re not able to comprehend what are those signs then take a look at this article mentioned below!

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PS: If you find someone who has been in a toxic relationship and want to help them out, you better share this article with them. You may also send me a private or public message with your relationship issues to take a FREE COUNSELLING SESSION on toxic relationships.

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