6 Reasons to Spend Valentine’s Day 2021 with Your BFF Gang!

6 Reasons to Spend Valentine’s Day with Your BFF Gang! - FoxAmour

We often associate Valentine’s Day with those gestures that couples usually do – from holding hands to exchanging roses, love proposals and finally going out on a perfect date. Mostly, people get confused with the sole idea of Valentine’s Day that demands to appreciate and value their partner and the relationship with that of the materialistic things. Yeah, I meant those expensive gifts that you have to eventually keep covertly.

Valentine’s Day – or any day for that matter – doesn’t have to be expensive to love your partner, right? Love resides even in those little things that you do to make your partner feel special and contented. Above all, it is not always about “displaying” a romantic love on a particular day!

Even if you’re single or in a relationship, spending time with your BFF gang is always fun. Rather than making the day so much predictable, here are the plans and reasons why you should spend Valentine’s Day 2021 with your BFF. Check’em out!

No Drama, Just Enjoy to the Fullest

Nowadays, a lot many relationships are based on showing off and exaggeration of emotions and sentiments – no offence. And, when such so-called “Special Days” come, the tendencies of people showing off or creating unnecessary dramas increase even more. So, if you’re a person who doesn’t want such pointless dramas, you better spend your Valentines evening with your best buddies.

Plan a Night Out

Ah! What else can make the day more enjoyable than a night out with your funny squad? While everyone is busy showing off their love, enjoy perhaps the ‘best moments of your life’ with your ‘Mains’ that you would cherish your entire life. To make it more funny and adventurous, what about exploring a haunted place? Sounds crazy, right!! Just kidding! =D 😉

What about a Sleepover?

Remember, how you used to enjoy the sleepover in yours or one of your friends’ house? Those witty things, jokes and talks that often got you a stomach ache! Sometimes all you need is a few moments with your best friends to revive the ‘insane version of yourself’ that, now, seems hard for many. Yes, I know you miss that craziness now more than ever! Plan a sleepover with your besties- TELL THEM ALL THE STORIES!

Netflix and Pizza

If you’re lazy AF (like me) and would want to spend time with your friends at the same time, ordering pizza and bingo watching series or sitcom are the best things you gotta do. Even if you’re in a relationship, this might be something that you’d really love to do rather than going out just because it’s ‘Valentine’s Day 2021’.

Cook a Delicious Meal with Your BFFs

Singing while cooking with your best friends is always fun (trust me) and who said romantic meals can only be cooked for your significant ones? Plan a menu of everyone’s choice, set a table and have an amazing meal together – add little sips of wine if you wish to. Discuss those lame future business plans and ideas you want to execute with them over the table talks and don’t forget to go to the memory lane.

Go to a Club and Party Hard

When you go to a party with your partner, there might be so many things that will pull you off from partying so hard. It may end up being a beautiful date, but you may miss drinking and dancing like nuts with your party beasts. Looking at those peeps singing and dancing carefree at the bar may take you to those good old days. While everyone is busy trying hard to make their date beautiful, chill out with your buddies at a club.

Wanna Ask Out Your Crush For Valentine’s Day 2021? Follow My Lead!

Anyways, your BFFs will love you no matter what. So, there is no need to even dress up and act in a certain way. Your comfy t-shirt and messy hair will do the work. Rather than considering Valentine’s Day 2021 as a bummer, take it as an opportunity to try something new with your besties.

Go frenzy fam!

PS: That’s the beauty of love; it doesn’t require a special day or reminder to love your beloved ones a little extra. Keep treasuring and spreading the love! Tight hugs!