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5 Ways to Improve Intimacy in Your Relationship

Loosing that spark and longing in your relationship? Check out these simple tips to improve intimacy in your relationship.

5 Ways to Improve Intimacy in Your Relationship - FoxAmour

Our days and weeks just end so swiftly that we often forget to pause life and cherish it, the people we have and the moments that we can create or have lost. Relationships should always be work-in-progress. They demand continuous attention and nourishment. The moment you’ll stop doing it, the relations and the charm they hold may begin to fade away. For couples, it is very important to keep the intimacy in a relationship intact. Both, emotional and physical intimacy is equally important to keep the spark alive among the couples. The attraction that one feels at day 1 must be maintained by the partners to have that forever kind of love. Now, this attraction not only comprises of physical appearance but also involves the emotional connect.

Those dates, those late-night calls, the desire to meet and see your partner, to touch them, be with them to listen to their stories, to just sit silently & yet being at peace are some of the things, which people do when love or relationships are new. But with a few years down the line or maybe after getting married, they start losing the intimacy in their relationships. I guess ‘LIFE’ happens to them and they offer love to ‘LIFE’ in return for a peaceful everyday routine. The love which was supposed to grow with each passing day, which is the promise every lover makes, suddenly goes out of the window. In fact, after a certain period, we do realize that the intimacy in the relationship is going for a toss but what we don’t know is “how to improve intimacy in our relationship?”

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We are so involved in our daily routine that we tend to forget the art of being in love, to understand the kind of efforts our relationship is demanding at the moment, how to mend and fill that is broken between us. If you are one of those who feels like this and is not able to figure out how to make your partner understand that you still love them and have not changed at all. If you feel the intimacy in your relationship is lost and you want to work on connecting the wires again to let the sparks flow, so here we list out 5 ways to improve intimacy in your relationships.

5 Ways to Improve Intimacy in Your Relationship

Just reading these points won’t make any difference but implementing them may change your world. If you really aim to put a smile on your partner’s face today and see those love hearts again in their eyes then just follow these and thank us later.

Gift Them Your Time

The best gift you can give to your partner is your precious time. From today, promise yourself to make time for your lover, start from an hour daily and start making changes in your life. Earning money and climbing the ladder of success will make a lot of meaning when you will have your partner holding your hand at every step. What is a success, and heavy bank account when you don’t have anyone to share those happy moments with?

Despite the busy life, put in efforts to improve the intimacy in your relationship. Just dropping a mushy text out of surprise when you are at work to let your partner know that even though you are busy at work, you still think about them. Write and hide love notes if you are leaving early for work or otherwise too. Finding a note when not expected is surely bound to bring a smile on their face. Plan surprise dates, grab and kiss them when they are not even expecting, plan short weekend getaways if not a good vacation. Just think of all the things you used to do when you were trying to woo them and do such things now.

Rebuild Trust

Intimacy sometimes gets lost when your partner losses trust in you. The feeling of belonging starts to die. Trust issues hamper the emotional intimacy in a relationship and which with time spoils the hanky-panky fun too. Couples who really want to improve intimacy in their relationship must try winning the trust again. Start communicating, be vocal about how you feel about each other, be around and make your partner believe the same that you are available whenever they need you. Talk about your partners to family or friends when your respective partner is around. When they hear you do that, they will realize and understand how grateful you are to have them. How they add colours to your life and how meaningless your life is without them. All these little-little acts may help the couples reinstate trust in each other and improve the intimacy in their relationship.

Talk About Your Issues

Running away from the problems or issues can never end them but surely prolong them till you stop and decide to face them. When the couples start keeping things to themselves and choose not to discuss or talk about them to their partners, the intimacy and the bonding starts to decline. Couples need to understand the role and value of communication. It is very natural to have issues as every person is different but what keeps the relations going is when the couples talk about their differences, their views, the way they think and feel about things and start respecting and accepting the differences. To improve intimacy in the relationship, the couples should speak their heart out and be very transparent to each other.

Improve Sex Life

Both, physical and emotional intimacy can improve when couples start spending more and exciting time in bed. Work and life imbalance happens and many times the couples are not really able to realize it. This imbalance affects the sex life too. To strengthen your relationship and improve intimacy, couples should try to purposefully spend quality time in bed, keeping their mobiles or kids away. The active the sex life will be, the more the intimacy and the fondness will be among the couples. Talk about lovemaking. Ask each other how they feel when they are in bed. What are their turn-ons and turn-offs? What excites them the most in bed? How does the touch feel like? Give each other points on being a good kisser, perform role-play, talk about each other’s fantasies and many other things to spice up your bed activities.

Give Your Partner Space and Try Staying in Love

Yes, it takes efforts to feel and stay in love. Surely, love is a feeling but to develop these feelings, it takes efforts. The partners should just be themselves and try to be very genuine and transparent with each other. They shouldn’t wear any mask as that won’t last long and will kill the feelings and the relationships. The love gurus and the experts have always been of the view and give this as the most important tip for improving intimacy in a relationship is to be what you are and present the same to your partner and give them the chance to accept you that way.

Couples should not try to change each other morally or try to mould their partners as per their liking or preference. Instead, they should let each other breathe and have complete freedom to do things, give your partner space. Staying in a relationship is like sunshine all the time but to keep the sun shining, the couples should respect each other’s privacy and space.

These are some of the ways to improve intimacy in your relationship. Intimacy or love is lost because we stop doing what we were doing when he/she was not ours. A lot of couples don’t even understand the need or meaning for intimacy in a relationship. So, get up and correct your mistakes.

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Falling in love can be easy but staying in it can be gruelling. Love demands continuous efforts, so keep nourishing your relationships like a baby!