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How to Handle Peer Pressure Sex?

Peer pressure sex is something almost every girl comes across with sooner or later. Here’s what you should do when your friends pressurize you for having sex!

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Peer pressure sex is something almost every girl comes across with sooner or later. There are many incidences and situations when your friends try really hard to convince you to have sex with your partner. Even when you aren’t ready! Believe it or not, it’s true!

A lot of girls often open up about such situations where their friends are pressuring them to have sex even when they don’t want to. Even a large number of girls share the fact that they weren’t ready for having their first sexual intercourse, though they had to do it for the sake of the pressure from their friends.

Many times, you come across a situation where you know that all of your friends are having sex. And, you feel like if your friends are doing it then why shouldn’t you? This tendency leads you to unwanted or peer pressure sex. Having sex just to fit in with your friends isn’t a cool thing, right?

Nowadays, showing sexual activities and erotic scenes through the television, movies and commercial ads are quite common. Many teenagers think that it is too casual to have sex for the first time. The reality, however, is a bit different! Unfortunately, teen sex without consent is among the most haunted fears a growing child is having these days. Having sex for the first time is actually a very BIG DEAL. A lot of girls often have sex in the peer pressure at first and then it haunts them for a long time. Hence, I would suggest you have sex when you’re completely ready.

Just keep in mind, your friends having or talking about sex all the time doesn’t mean you should also have sex too. Saying NO when you aren’t ready for something is an art to learn. And, if you’re a teenager, it is quite necessary to respect your mind and body. Many times, teenage girls take this step of experiencing sexual intercourse at a very early age, but soon they realise they shouldn’t have done it. Yes, I agree that there is no certain age to take the pleasure of having sex, however, being confident about it is really important.

It is quite common to have a friend-circle where all of your friends talk about sex every time. It is also very common to have a bunch of friends who often have sex with their partners. But don’t you think your friends having sex isn’t a good enough reason for you to have it too? Just know that everybody is different and will eventually get to know when they’re physically and mentally ready for having sex. If you’re being pressurised from your peers to have sex, it is quite important for you to make them understand your decision.

I believe, having sex for the time is really special, especially for a girl. Hence, you should do it when you’re actually willing and confident about it. Now the question arises that how should you refuse to peer pressure? Well, let us try to figure it out here!

How to Handle the Peer Pressure Sex?

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You should learn the art of saying a BIG NO to anything you’re not willing to do. And, having sex possibly tops the list!

Just think about the idea of you having sex for the sake of the peers’ pressure. Did it entertain you? No, it surely didn’t. Even the notion of having sex when you are not actually ready scares the shit out of you, doesn’t it? So, how can it give you the pleasure you’re craving for? After all, enjoying the pleasure of a sexual intercourse is our ultimate goal in the first place, right?

When your friends pressurise you for having sex, just keep in mind that as soon as you lose your virginity, there ain’t going back. So, make sure it should be damn special!

When going for a date and you aren’t really sure about having sex, make sure you choose a place or time that reduces the possibilities for making such plans. Take a friend or two, if possible.

Prepare of some explanations you would give, if someone pressurises you for having sex. This way, you won’t feel numb when your peers try to compel you.

You are not required to have sex to prove your importance or significance of your relationship. Hence, don’t let the emotional blackmail make you do what you are not ready for.

A lot of times, people tend to make you feel guilty for your dissents. Here, your job is to not fall into this trap and stick to your decision.

Remember, the decision of having sex should completely depend on your own preference. Hence, make sure that no friend, peer, emotional blackmail, guilt or any melodrama can ever affect your decision!


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