Why is Masturbation Good for Girls? : Benefits of Masturbation

Let’s understand how masturbation is good for girls and some common benefits of masturbation for girls.

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No matter if you’re a boy or a girl, masturbating is an activity almost every individual enjoys. Though even today, a lot of people, especially girls, feel shy about masturbation and finds it against their ethics. However, what they don’t understand is that masturbation is a natural activity to sexually stimulate yourself and is safer than having sex. Besides, there are a lot of benefits of masturbating, thus, everybody should do it once in a while.

In India or any other religious country, masturbation is seen as a sin and a lot of women feel guilty about it. Though masturbation is completely normal and more than 70% of boys and 50% of girls masturbate often. This ratio is even higher among teens for obvious reasons! Other than not having a sex partner, mostly, many boys and girls start to explore their bodies in their teenage only. Well, I won’t say that there is a particular age or stage when a person should start masturbating, though, it is a natural process that varies between people.

Today, a fair amount of girls masturbate on a regular basis. Some start masturbating while their bodies start to change during the puberty while some start sooner or later as well. Along with the exploration of bodies and sexual desires, masturbation has many health benefits as well. Let’s have a look at some benefits of masturbation here!

Masturbation Releases Sexual Tension!

When it comes to having sexual desires for someone but for some reasons, it’s not happening lately, it creates sexual tension. Sexual tension is too common and anyone can feel sexually frustrated about being not able to have sex with the one they are sexually attracted to.

Masturbation is the Key to Sexual Pleasure!

It goes without saying that masturbation is a great way of having sexual pleasure. A lot of people find masturbation more pleasing than having sex. Reason being, you have the total control over the stimulation, speed and intensity.

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Masturbation Doesn’t Require Any Partner

Though you can have a masturbation partner or ask your partner to give you the hand-job, however, masturbation is largely considered your prime choice of sexual satisfaction when you’re alone and don’t have any partner to have sex with. It is a good way to fulfil your sexual desires when your partner isn’t around.

Masturbation Helps You Explore

One of the key benefits of masturbating is that it gives you the chance to explore your body in different ways. While masturbation, you have the liberty to explore yourself the way you want. Try different techniques and methods to stimulate yourself. This also helps you share your experiences with your partner to improve your sex life.

Masturbation is a Stress Reliever

Well yes, masturbation is a great stress reliever that soothes your muscles and calms your brain. Masturbation is an activity where your mind, muscles and emotions are involved. It releases the feel-good hormones and lowers your blood pressure that helps relieve stress.

Masturbation Improves Orgasm Ability

While you masturbate, you tend to understand your body and its sexual requirements. This way, it helps you figure out what your body wants and how it reacts when you’re about the have an orgasm. And, once you discover the secret of having an orgasm, the world is yours!

Even after having these many benefits, a lot of women feel ashamed of masturbation and feels quite uncomfortable about it. While it is completely your call on whether or not you should masturbate, one thing is sure that it is a safer way to stimulate yourself. Though many women have different ways to have sexual pleasure through masturbation. Many women use sex toys including dildo, vibrator and butt plug etc. to masturbate while some rub in and around their vaginal parts for sexual stimulation. Either way, it is a safe and exciting as long as you clean your adult toys properly. So, if you have any concerns or queries about masturbation, tell us in the comment box! We’ll keep your identity confidential and help you with any concerns you have regarding masturbation for girls or boys!

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