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How Can Being Self-Confident Improve Your Sex Life?

Self-confidence and sex are entwined and make huge impact on sex life as it can make your life both beautiful and miserable if you didn’t handle it well.

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Self- confidence is one of the positive attributes that make a person stand out in a crowd. It not only shows how well you treat and care about yourself but inspires others as well. Hence, achieving anything becomes easier, and success will, definitely, come knocking at your door if you’re self-confident.

Unfortunately, many have a tendency to underestimate themselves by believing in the opinions of others. And, trust me, I used to be among such unfortunates who, for a very long time, undermined myself on every path of life. So, if you’re also one of those kinds, there’s only one rule of thumb: stop giving a damn about what others say and start embracing your strengths, positive qualities and, of course, your uniqueness. Once you discover the real you, what in the world can stop you from achieving what you want, right?

This theory works for everything in life, be it materialistic things, friends, relations, personal qualities, emotions or other life experiences. And, when it comes to having sex, being self-confidence is what makes a huge impact on your sex life. Believe it or not, self-confidence and sex are entwined as it can make your life both beautiful and miserable if you didn’t handle it well. In a sexual relationship, it is essential to be confident enough to have a say otherwise you’ll end up in something that you didn’t want to do in the first place.

Similarly, lack of confidence will make you vulnerable in many situations as it gives room for others to control, dominate and influence your actions. Hence, there are high chances that people will walk all over you believing that you can be easily manipulated. If you think you’ve been in a situation where most people take advantage of you, I would suggest you ask these questions to yourself and see where you can change for the better!

Are You Always in Your Comfort Zone and Refuse to Step Out?

Well, if you are, I’d say come out of it.  Look into yourself, start exploring and learn new things coming your way. Remember, following the same pattern for ages can make your life less exciting. And, as you know, sex is all about having excitement, pleasure and building an emotional connection between you and your partner. Besides, comfort zones have never done any wonders to anyone who wants to conquer the world.

Do You Often Avoid Taking Risks?

If you think you can achieve whatever you want without risking anything, it’s high time that I must hit you with the reality: stop living in a bubble world. Burst it! Take risks and see what happens. Always remember, the view at the top is worth the struggle. Though that doesn’t give you the license to indulge yourself in an unprotected sex, alright!

Are You Afraid of Your Failures?

Trust me; no one has ever achieved their goals in a single day! You might have heard stories of people becoming billionaires overnight, but their real struggles always go unnoticed and the world hardly knows how many times they have failed and started all over again. In relationships too, if you feel it’s worth it, give your best shot, no matter how many times you’ve failed. Yes, there will be ups and downs; there has to be, but if you capitulate before your fears and insecurities, how can you see the colours of success? Crush your fears, face the real challenges.

Are You Too Dependent on People?

It often happens with many people that they become too dependent on their partners – and eventually – end up losing the meaning of their lives. It is good to rely on your partner for many things, though the truth is, not every relationship lasts forever. Living a free life is what we are all born to do. Hence, take decisions on your own; feel proud and accountable for what you’ve done instead of what others have told you to do. Once you start seeking approval from others, realize, you’re no longer the captain of your own ship. Will you seriously risk your life because someone else has got a plan on how you should live your life? Give it some thought!

Although, being overconfident is as harmful as being under confident because being arrogant or cocky will never earn you respect in front of others. However, it is very important to keep up the balance in your life because nobody would like to interact with someone who’s either too cynical or haughty.

Indisputably, there’s always a clear distinction between the decisions that a confident and unconfident person takes. Asking for guidance from the right ones is fairly advisable during difficult times, but taking life decisions solely on what others think without analysing the repercussions is, indeed, a huge mistake that you’ll regret whole your life.

So, when it comes to sex, make sure you speak up your mind and don’t end up in something that you would regret later or make you feel terrible. Being confident enough to tell your partner what you really want must be appreciated because not everyone can pull it off. It is absolutely fine to wait for someone who can understand you inside out than ending up with someone who forces to do something against your will. Therefore, be confident and walk away from such relationships like a boss!


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Written by Taylor Adams

Taylor is a sexual health blogger and relationship educator. She helps individuals understand the theory of lovemaking and helps improve the intimacy between couples. At Foxamour, she provides readers with tips to nurture their relationships and strengthens their chemistry with their partners.

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