Have Sex Without Contraception And Not Getting Pregnant?

Now, who doesn’t want to enjoy the pleasure without any barrier and not get pregnant? What if I tell you that it really is possible, read here!

Have sex without contraception and not getting pregnant

The only thing which inhibits the young blood to enjoy the actual heights of those moments is ‘unwanted pregnancy’. Sex is a need! It helps you bond well, trust your partner more, love them more and is pleasurable. But, sex can be storming and life-changing if things go out of place. A woman gets pregnant if the male sperms enter her body and fertilize her eggs. Many times, couples don’t use protection in a belief that the guy would take the penis out to ejaculate. However, this ain’t easy, my friend! Having the pleasure of sexual intercourse makes it quite difficult for him to pull his penis out and he might end up ejaculating inside.

Contrary to that, a lot many couples even get successful in this pulling-out game. Though, it does not completely remove the chances of being pregnant as you don’t need loads of sperm to get pregnant. Even a single spermatozoon can do the wonders and can make you pregnant. If you really wish to enjoy sex and be tension free of unwanted pregnancy then use contraceptives.

Doctors, celebrities, government and the nation has been shouting since ages to use protection when you indulge in sexual activities. But people still avoid using condoms while having sex. What’s more weird is it’s been observed that a certain percentage of men take it to their ego when asked to have sex with protection.

Is it possible to have sex and not get pregnant? Is it possible to get pregnant when he takes it out just at right time? Can I have sex without contraception and still not get pregnant? Let’s try and find the answer to such relation queries in this post further.

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Have Sex Without Contraception And Not Getting Pregnant

Women are scared of getting pregnant and are always so conscious about it when making out. Consequently, they tend to not actually enjoy sex. Jot down these pointers if you are willing to have sex but not pregnant.

Be On Birth Control

There are a lot of methods using which women can be on birth control such as pill, patch, ring, implant and IUD etc. Every woman and their monthly cycles are different but using these birth control techniques, the chances of getting pregnant reduce to almost 1%. However, the women should ensure they follow the instructions and guidelines strictly as aligned to the respective birth control method adopted.

Have Sex On Infertile Days

This demands serious efforts and a good amount of calculation. Women need to keep a track of their fertile and infertile days and plan their sexual activities accordingly. This might be tedious and make the sexual intercourse more like a planned activity in those infertile days. But to avoid pregnancy, one has to take up this pain. Though the good news is that we have many apps that can help you keep a track of your monthly cycle. These apps let you know when you are ready for the hanky-panky and when not – thanks to technology and smartphones!

The “Pull OUT” Method

This is a very commonly known and widely-adopted method to avoid pregnancy. It is an old-school process to avoid pregnancy without protection naturally. The “pull out” method basically means that the guy takes out his penis from the vagina right in the middle of action just when he feels the orgasm and need to cum. He pulls it out and ejaculates the sperms outside and not inside her body just at the right time. It does reduce the chances of being pregnant but requires mental activeness and sharpness. To be honest, this is a little risky technique compared to others. Let me explain, why! Before the ejaculation of the actual sperms, the male body releases precum, which is also known as the fluid. This fluid contains active sperms which may enter her body and disturb the whole pull out planning.

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Use Condom

Using a condom can help you not only have safe sex but a pleasurable one too. Couples using a fresh and perfect condom each time are likely to expect a sure shot result. The chances of getting pregnant while having sex without a condom are only about 10-12%. That too when the condom slips or gets broken but due to the ecstasy and you don’t realise that. Hence, you must ensure to wear a condom properly so it covers your whole penis. This will prevent sperms or pre-cum fluids to enter into her vagina. Besides, female condoms are also available in the market these days – a great alternative.

Breastfeeding and Not Yet Got Periods

Breastfeeding your child and haven’t got your periods since you have given birth is one such time that is considered safe. Couples can enjoy sex for all the lost nights due to her being pregnant in this duration. Though using a condom or the pull-out method, even at this time, is advisable.

You Are On Periods

Well, some can enjoy having sex during this time and others may find it too dirty and unpleasant. For some, having sex during periods can be exciting and experimenting. To avoid pregnancy, you can have sex during the flow or just after it ends as the eggs responsible for fertilization are flushed away with the blood. So, the women are considered to be in a safe time to have those raunchy times.

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