Yes, It’s Absolutely Fine to Say NO to Sex When You’re in a Relationship!

Being in a relationship doesn’t imply that you should indulge yourself in sexual activities. Only go for any sexual activities or intercourse when you’re all set – physically, mentally and emotionally!

Yes, It’s Absolutely Fine to Say NO to Sex When You’re in a Relationship! - FoxAmour

Consent has so much to do with your relationship and sex becomes more pleasurable when both you and your partner are mutually agreed to have it. Even if you’re having a strong bonding, it doesn’t mean that you have your partner’s consent to indulge in sexual activities. Having sex without consent or forcing to have sex isn’t a cool thing to do. To be precise, consent is given when you trust your partner from the bottom of your heart and are comfortable with each other. Hence, consent has to be given from both the sides, otherwise, what difference does it make between you and a sexual predator?

In a nutshell, consent means your willingness to involve in any sort of sexual or romantic activities. Anything your partner does without your consent comes under sexual, mental or physical abuse. So, you must remember the fact that you’re an individual with class and dignity; you shouldn’t compromise it for any relationship for that matter.

The ultimate goal of having sex is to feel the absolute love you have for each other with the union of both your body and soul. Thus, I wouldn’t personally suggest you make love with someone under any pressure or influence. When you have consensual sex, it enriches the level of pleasure and intimacy between you and your partner. Besides, communicating your feelings and expectations will help you recognize and appreciate each other’s efforts.

Keep in mind that any sort of sexual or physical act against your will is an abuse. So, if you aren’t comfortable with what your partner is doing, speak your mind.


  • Be blunt; say NO if you’re not willing to: If you are in a right relationship, your partner will really appreciate your frankness and find a way to tackle the obstacles.
  • Don’t indulge in sexual activities forcefully: You shouldn’t lose your self-respect and dignity for the sake of anyone. You must have a say, so don’t let someone force or influence you to carry out something you wouldn’t like.
  • When you feel uncomfortable, stop your partner right away: Without hurting each other, you can share whatever is going on your mind. Don’t to be afraid to speak up your mind in front of your partner.

It is not mandatory to have sex with your partner just because you’re in a relationship. Take your time and make up your mind; if you and your partner aren’t on the same page, discuss it, but never compromise for something that you really don’t want to happen. Make some convincing excuses that will help you get the hell out of the mess.

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The Legal Stance on Sex Without Consent!

According to the law of the land, a person’s consent will not be taken for granted if they are severely intoxicated or unconscious due to excessive use of alcohol or drugs. If consent isn’t given and you still engage in sexual intercourse, it is rape. Indisputably, anything that makes you feel uncomfortable falls under the category of sexual harassment. Hence, any act expressing the unwillingness to engage in sexual activities from your partner must consider as a red signal and forcing even after is a serious criminal offence.

If you have ever been a victim of any sort of sexual activity without consent, you should stand up for yourself. And, you shouldn’t ever let someone exploit you in the name of a relationship. Rather than being scared of opening up, one should be afraid of covering it up. In fact, you don’t have to be gentle with someone who didn’t respect the idea of ‘consent’. Hence, you should only go for any sexual activities or intercourse when you’re all set – physically, mentally and emotionally – as anything less is utterly absurd.



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