This Simple Exercise Enlarges Your Penis, Guaranteed!

80% of men aren’t happy with their penis size and often search for “How to Increase Penis Size”. This penis enlargement exercise will increase your penis.

Penis Enlargement Exercise

Have you ever wondered that when we can have various exercises for all our body parts, there must be male enhancement exercises as well? And, by male enhancement, I meant penis enlargement techniques– just in case you don’t know! Well, I’d assume you must have! Reason being, almost 80% of men aren’t happy with their penis size – that’s true – and often search for “How to Increase Penis Size” on the internet.

Hence, here I am to the rescue! But first, let me tell you that the penis is made of a lot of muscles, blood vessels, nerves fibres and skin. From centuries, humankind of various groups and tribes consider thicker penis as the sign of a more muscular phallus during the sexual intercourse. And, people from different groups of societies and cultures, over the centuries, have had tried a lot of techniques and practices to influence the size of their penises. However, with time, these techniques and methods disappeared. Though there is one technique that is still alive and a lot of men practice – Jelqing Exercise! Yeah! That’s right!

What is Jelqing Exercise?

Jelqing Exercise is being used to nourish male penises since ages and even today, many men regularly do it to improve the size of their penises. It is quite evident that any muscle would require a regular exercise to grow and get larger. Jelqing is one such exercise that would surely give you positive results. However, the key, as with any other exercise, is to stick with the Jelqing even if you don’t see any instant results in the beginning. The best part of Jelqing exercise is that when it starts to enlarge your penis, it’ll be permanent. Its’ not like other exercises that, once stopped, reinstate your penis to its earlier size. The size of your penis would be the same even if you stop exercising.

Now you must be thinking why for the god’s sake I’m not telling you how to do Jelqing, right? Well, in my defence, I would say you must be aware of each and every exercise you perform and how would it benefit you. And when it comes to a sensitive and pre-eminent organ like a penis, you do need to take extra care!

So let me explain how to Jelq to make your penis long and thick!

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Jelqing, a Penis Enlargement Exercise

At first, you need to be in a comfortable space where there is no one around to poke you. You may either sit on a comfortable chair or lie on the bed as well – the choice is yours!

  • Get your penis erect at 70 to 75 per cent
  • Now hold the base of your penis with the help of your index finger and thumb as if you’re making an ‘Okay’ sign.
  • Hold your penis with light pressure and slide your finger and thumb towards the glans – head of your penis.
  • Make sure to take at least 3 seconds to reach the top of your penis with light pressure on it.
  • Once you reach the top of your penis, lose your grip and repeat the process with the base again.

You should repeat this activity for 10 to 15 minutes and make sure you don’t jerk off. Another thing to take care of here is that you mustn’t squeeze your penis or glans harder.

Perform Jelqing exercise once a day and you’ll start to feel the difference.

You may use some oils or lotions for better lubrication. However, you must take note that such oils and lotions may inflame your penis.

Now, if you’re thinking it is similar to masturbation or is a different way to masturbate, you’re wrong. Reread the phrase where I asked you to make sure you don’t jerk off! Because we masturbate to sexually stimulate ourselves and it has nothing to do with the size of your penis. On the contrary, while Jelqing, our main focus is to enlarge the penis and not sexually stimulate ourselves.

Now, Let’s Understand Why and How Jelqing Works?

It is a common belief that Jelqing makes the blood flows in the penis, which helps your penis to be habitual to accommodate more blood than it’s usually familiarised with during the erection. There is another theory that says while Jelq, the miniscule penile tissues tear and it prompts new cells to repair those tissues that make the penis large in size.

A lot of men, however, go for some other penis enlargement treatment, medicines, cream or even surgery as well. While techniques might be scary and can harm your penile tissues, Jelqing exercise is all safe if performed carefully with minimal pressure.

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